Young Arts Young Arts Representative Sue Punt, Telephone 01509 889589 NADFAS aims to inspire young people with a lasting enthusiasm for the arts and an awareness of our arts heritage and conservation. There are a number of ways in which this is achieved: Young Arts Group - sponsored by a local Society and embracing ages from 8 to 18. Such a group would be lead by a Society member and involved in arts events held at museums, galleries, village halls, local theatres, etc. A Group may be formed within a School with the agreement of the Headteacher and take part in term-time activities. Young Arts Project - this would be a one-off activity, perhaps performed in conjunction with a school, whereby the children would take part in an artistic exercise. Creation of paintings to decorate common rooms, sculpture for external parts of school grounds, tuition in art appreciation, etc. Local professional artists are often willing to help out, usually for a charge of about £200 - 250 per day. A local Society member would usually be the driving force and organiser. Help and advice is available from The Arts Society along with financial grants when appropriate and very often the local LEA or Arts Organisations will be very willing to support activities involving children. Click here to see projects completed by the Grantham DFAS Young Arts group. Click here to see projects completed by the Stamford DFAS Young Arts group. Click here to see projects completed by the Rutland DFAS Young Arts group. Click here to see projects completed by the Nottingham DFAS Young Arts group. Click here to see a short film about how Young Arts projects are organised and how you can get involved. (4 minutes) Click here to see a film about a project from NADFAS Young Arts, well worth watching but may take a few moments to load if you have a slow(ish) internet connection (3 to 4 minutes) Click here to see an short film about a project at Woodlands Special School in Devon (3 to 4 minutes) Creation of a Hot Air Balloon-Inspired Mural by Carol Allen, Young Arts Rep, Northampton DFAS Bringing together a drab wall and a hot air balloon artist has resulted in a magnificent mural for Hackleton CEVA Primary School in Northamptonshire.  All 209 pupils were actively involved as local artist Mark Pacan encouraged them to express what the school’s core values of love, trust, friendship, respect, faith and forgiveness meant by drawing their interpretations within a hot air balloon outline.  Mark chose the most suitable from the many fabulous images created.  The mural design was three high arched windows through which could be seen balloons depicting the values, incorporated into a ‘stained glass window’ effect, with a background of village church, war memorial, school frontage and farmers’ fields. Mark painted the mural in the school hall over eight days and everyone was excited to watch it grow and hugely rewarded after its unveiling, noting especially where some had been able to add their handprint at the edge.   Each balloon selected was exactly copied on to the wall, and the remainder made into a frieze in the Head’s study.         March 17 October 2016 Project by HAKADFAS - A photo from a recent project with HAKADFAS  Derby DFAS Young Arts have given bursaries to two Derby students who are starting courses at Derby College.  Click here to read about it. It’s Story-tiling Time at 150 year old Hallaton C. of E. Primary School Hallaton C of E Primary School on the borders of Rutland and Leicestershire, founded in 1864, has just officially unveiled a large tiled art work to celebrate its 150th anniversary.  The work on an exterior wall features a representation of the village surrounded by small individual tiles painted by each family in the 124 pupil school. Devised by local artist Ingrid Hunter it was initiated and funded by the Young Arts section of the Rutland branch of the National Decorative and Fine Art Society. The impressive panel has taken 17 months to be completed and is an amazing achievement.  The Society funded the project to the tune of £1200. The pictures show Lady Margaret Kennedy (President), Ingrid Hunter (ceramic artist) and Pamela Quinn (Chair of Rutland NADFAS) with the Head teacher Diane Riley and several pupils of the school. - - - - - - - - - Note for all Young Arts Co-ordinators.  If you are considering applying for the Patricia Fay Funding: The applications should be submitted on-line via the NADFAS web site, deadlines are September 30th and February 28th. If you have any queries about this please contact Sue Punt, Telephone 01509 889589 - - - - - - - -
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