Training Available These are training sessions available for all Arts Society members.  They are free and are small groups.  If you would like to attend a training day please contact Janet Groome on 01162792280 or by email If you would like a session run near your society please contact me (see above) and I will try to arrange sessions for you.  Using MailChimp   Increased postage charges have meant many societies want to use email to contact their membership. It is easy, quick, flexible and free! Email services such as MailChimp means your members are kept up to date with the latest society news, organisation news, information and publicity.  And saving you postage, printing and paper costs! We will set up an account, create a database of members email addresses, create an email e-newsletter, show you how to send out a mailing and how to use the reports generated. We will also look at the implications of the legislation on storing and using data on your membership. No previous knowledge is necessary as we will start from the beginning. Other training available, contact Janet for information. Using Spreadsheets There has been a big demand for training on Using Spreadsheets.  These  are so useful for financial planning, not just for Treasurers, but for committee members running trips and tours.  They are very useful for Membership Secretaries as your membership lists can be download into an Excel spreadsheet.  Spreadsheets can be used a databases, recording information, finding information and of course for any calculations you need to make. No previous knowledge is necessary as we will start from the beginning.   Creating and Using PowerPoint Presentations For presentations before meetings, using PowerPoint to show the work of volunteer groups such as Young Arts, Church Recorders, Heritage Volunteers, or for a presentation at the beginning of your society’s meetings - anyone who wants to present information or results from their projects.  We will also cover some of the technical background to using digital photography, .jpeg files, image size 20K v 2000 kilobytes, editing photos for presentations and web sites. If you are interested in this course/get together please contact Janet on 0116 279 2280 or email on  We will design the day around what you want, so the sooner I know what you want to cover - the more it will fit your needs. Creating & Maintaining a Web Site Many NADFAS societies have considered getting their own web site.  This is a great  way to keep in touch with the membership, letting them know about lectures, study days, visits etc.  A web site can also be used to publicise your society. Whilst showing the advantages of joining, being static it is always available for prospective members; it will be found by search engines on the Internet and it should always be up to date. There are many entry levels to having a web presence. You can spend as little or as much as you wish, but with a bit of planning and being aware of the alternatives, you can get a society web site easily up and running. We will also consider the implications of copyright law and on-line safety. No previous knowledge is necessary as we will start from the beginning.  Recruiting & Retaining Members Some societies in the area have waiting lists but many do not.  This Get Together is for society members who would like to increase their membership, keep those they have and how manage lapsed members. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions and swap ideas with other attendees throughout the day. Programme Secretary & Study Day Organiser Get Together This day will be a great introduction to new, or prospective, Programme  Secretaries and Study Day organisers.  We also hope that current Programme secretaries will gain from the day, particularly exchanging ideas and experience, which will be very helpful to the other attendees. Planning and organising a Society Programme, or Study Day, involves so much planning, negotiating, recording, making use of NADFAS resources and can be quite a balancing act!  On our day we will have an introduction to the resources available, from the Directory to the support from the NADFAS organisation. There will lots of time available to swap ideas, ask questions and talk to other Programme Secretaries and Study Day Organisers. Getting to Know NADFAS  For NADFAS members who are thinking of getting involved with their society, perhaps on the committee or helping run events.  Find out about the organisation, how it works, how it fits together and how you can get help with your role. More Get Togethers are planned for the future, do let me know if you have any ideas. I will do my best to fit requests in. First aid Everyday First Aid - easy to learn, easy to remember   Society members have expressed concern about what to do if someone is taken ill at meetings or visits.  If you hold your meetings at a recognised venue such as a hotel or meeting rooms there is usually a trained First Aid person there.  However to help you feel more confident in such a situation click on the link above is a link to the Red Cross First Aid web site. How it works:   Click on a person in the street scene to lead you to an emergency and video. On this site there are some very useful points and videos on what to do if an emergency happens.  Obviously the first thing to do is to dial 999 for an ambulance, but these videos will give you confidence to cope. They cover:     Dealing with a distressed person     An asthma attack     Someone who is unconscious but breathing or unconscious and not breathing     Choking or bleeding     A heart attack     Bleeding or burns     Someone with a seizure or epilepsy     Poisoning or head injury     Diabetes. First aid courses for everyday emergencies can be found on the Red Cross web site too, cost is around £45 for a one day course, you find one nearby by putting in your postcode.
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