Oundle Meeting Place:  Barnwell Village Hall.  Coffee will be served from 10am. Meetings commence at 10.50 am.  Guests are welcome but it is essential to telephone the Membership Secretary on 01832 272084 or email: janemorris24c@gmail.com.  Guest fee is £10.00 per meeting Friday 15th February 2019 Isabella D’este – a woman as rare as the Phoenix Sarah Dunant In an age where women had little public power, Isabella D’este stands out as a formidable figure.  She was one of the first patrons and art collectors.  Her court in Mantua was filled with artists, writers and poets. Friday 15th March 2019 Oh yes it is, Oh no it isn’t.  Unresolved questions of authenticity David Phillips We look in detail at the human stories and the evidence pro and con in some notoriously undecided disputes.  The Metropolitan Museum called a press conference to denounce their own ancient bronze horse as a forgery and then tried to exonerate it. Friday 12th April  2019 (second Friday to avoid easter) Three Great Families and their Gardens: the Astors, Rothschilds and Sackville- Wests Caroline Rayman The lecture combines a look at the family histories and how their gardens were planned and created. Sissinghurst Garden, Vita Sackville-West Friday 17th May 2019 The Architecture of the British Raj Anthony Peers It is remarkable, so lets celebrate it.  The lecture revolves around the lecturer’s experience of a British project to restore the magnificent George Scott designed university buildings in Mumbai. Bombay University Garden, circa 1890 Friday  21st June 2019 Making a killing – Looted Art and the Art market Sharna Isaac An examination of how the art market deals with art that was looted by the Nazis and looks at some of the famous artworks that have been sold recently or returned to their original owners. German loot stored at Schlosskirche Ellingen, Bavaria (April 1945)
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