Oundle Meeting Place:  Barnwell Village Hall.  Coffee will be served from 10am. Meetings commence at 10.50 am.  Guests are welcome but it is essential to telephone the Membership Secretary on 01832 272084 or email: janemorris24c@gmail.com.  Guest fee is £10.00 per meeting Programme for 2017/18 Friday May 18th 2018 Medical Gold: From ancient Egypt to the Nobel Prize James Grant From earliest times man has linked the lustre of gold with the warm, life giving light of the sun. This talk illustrates four thousand years of the history of gold in medicine. The ancient Egyptians used it for its magico-religious properties. Mediaeval alchemists strived to produce it as a source of eternal youth. Today it is a substance used in medical instrumentation, investigation and cutting edge therapies. This lecture illustrates how artists such as Rogier Van Der Weyden, Joseph Wright and Gustav Klimt, as well as numerous goldsmiths and instrument makers, have defined medicine’s relationship with the most coveted of all the elements. The lecture ends by describing how the ultimate “medical gold”, the Nobel Prize, has acknowledged some of the fundamental advances in medical science. Uses of gold in medicine Gold used in surgery Friday June 15th 2018 Sinner or Saint?: The changing image of Mary Magdalene Sophie Oosterwijk Who was Mary Magdalene? Western artists such as Hugo van der Goes, Donatello, Caravaggio and Titian depicted a bewildering variety of depictions of the saint: as an opulently dressed former courtesan holding a jar of ointment, but also as a repentant sinner, sometimes revealingly dressed yet clasping a skull and crucifix, or with her body entirely covered by hair. The saint as we know her in the West is actually a conflation of four different female characters from the gospels, including the sister of Martha and Lazarus (Luke 10), the woman who was cured of seven demons (Luke 8), and the woman to whom the risen Christ first appeared (Mark 16). Moreover, there are also medieval legends, such as the story that she was the bride at the biblical wedding at Cana or that she travelled to France after the Crucifixion and ended her life in penitent seclusion in Provence. This lecture will explain the fascinating stories and startling depictions of this popular saint in western art. Penitent Mary Magdalene by Nicolas Régnier, Palace on the Water, Warsaw
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