Dukeries Programme for 2017 December 6 A 21st Century Renaissance - Chatsworth and the Devonshire collection in the modern age Simon Seligman Since the 1950s, Chatsworth and its collections have undergone a renaissance under the leadership of first  the 11th, and now the 12th, Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. This lecture paints a portrait of Devonshire’s treasure house in the modern age, illustrating the extensive recent decorative and furnishing renovations in the house and the restoration of historic interiors, stone work and works of art. The lecture also includes work by modern and contemporary artists in the collection at Chatsworth including Lucian Freud, Elisabeth Frink, David Hockney and David Nash, to Richard Long, Allen Jones, Michael Craig-Martin and Edmund de Waal (right). Click here for Chatsworth House web site Edmund de Waal web site December 14 Christmas lecture - Let there be Light Alexandra Drysdale Over 4.6 Billion years ago a star was born and our sun started to shine. Soon after this the Earth and our other planets were formed and light began its eight minute flight to Earth. Science and art have moved forward together in the quest to understand light as can be seen in representations of rainbows or contemporary Black Holes. For artists light can express emotions, from El Greco’s light of spiritual ecstasy to the dangerous darkness of Caravaggio, from Turner’s sublime sunlight to Samuel Palmer’s melancholy moonlight. Australian Impressionism uses a different colour palette to European Impressionism. Stonehenge was built to worship the sun, and today James Turrell makes light temples in art galleries and Dan Flavin makes altarpieces from fluorescent tubes. Let me enlighten you as to how artists have painted temporal and spiritual light through the Ages.  Right: Turner: "Yacht approaching the coast” *** The Dukeries are active in several areas of voluntary work. Heritage Volunteers: Two groups are working at Mansfield Museum where they are accessioning photographs, artwork  and many boxes acquired from the Metal Box Company.  At Doncaster King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry museum, we have a group amalgamating files from elsewhere,  consisting of personal papers concerning personnel, for example diaries, embroideries, pay books, newspaper cuttings  and photographs.  They are also consolidating files to computer.  At Welbeck Abbey, a group is working on the Abbey’s book collection as it is being brought out of storage and made ready to go back on display.  Last year the group were involved in helping to clean and prepare folios and letters for display in the new Harley Gallery, built to house The Portland Collection, a beautiful building in the abbey grounds.  Young Arts:  A Superheroes workshop, sponsored by a Young Arts project grant from The Arts Society Dukeries and a donation from Worksop Rotary Club, was held on Sunday 9th July and proved to be a super-duper, fun-filled afternoon for a group of 5 to 11 year olds.  These children are in the Siblings Group at Bluebell Wood Hospice and the workshop, run by Arts Therapist Claire Vinning with helpers from Bluebell Wood, gave the children the opportunity to create their very own Superhero or Supervillain.  The children used their imagination and a variety of media to give their Supermen (or Superwomen!) special superpowers.   Church Recorders: The record on All Saints at Babworth has been completed and a presentation date is being arranged.  Work is continuing on St Helen's at Treeton.   Church Trails:  The Church Trails group has produced four church trails for children in the local area, including trails at All Saints' Church, Babworth, Retford, with its strong connections with the Pilgrim Fathers; St Mary's,  Edwinstowe where, according to legend, Robin Hood married Maid Marian, and St  Mary’s Church, Norton Cuckney.  The church trail for St John’s Church, Carlton in Lindrick has also now been completed and will be launched on October 12th with the help of children from two local schools – Kingston Park Academy and Ramsden school. See the Church Trails page on this site for all the Church Trails questions and answers available. A Children's Trail was launched at St John's October 12th 2017.
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