Charnwood Venue: Quorn Church Rooms, Church Lane, Quorn LE12 8DP October 12th Les Parisiennes. How the women of Paris lived, loved and died in the 1940’s Anne Sebba Les Parisiennes is a story about women’s lives during the dark years of Nazi occupation and beyond and includes British and American women caught in Paris as well as native born resisters who were eventually sent to camps, couturiers and jewellers, some of whom flourished in wartime, as well as actors, singers, night club dancers and housewives. The lecture opens with a magnificent circus ball held by Elsie de Wolfe at the magnificent Villa Trianon, a chateau in the grounds of the Palace of Versailles; many of the guests could not believe that war was imminent and ends with Christian Dior’s lavish new look in 1947 as well as a perfume, Miss Dior, named after his sister Catherine, a resister, who had only just survived a prison camp and never wanted to talk about her experiences. Anne’s book was published July 2016 November 9th Germany’s Post WW2 Culture of Memorials and Counter Memorials Angela Findlay In these years of World War 2 Anniversaries the subject of this talk is hugely relevant. Relatively little is known in this country about Germany’s complex post-war process of remembrance and the counter memorial movement that started there in the 1980s and continues to this day. Germany’s very specific situation rendered all traditional concepts of monuments and memorials irrelevant and inappropriate. Instead of commemorating their own losses Germany artists looked to creating art forms that would respond to questions of apology and atonement: How does a nation of former persecutors mourn its victims? The idea behind counter memorials is to keep the memories and lessons of the past alive in the individual psyches of the people. The results are extraordinary, brave, and inspiring. With her Anglo-German roots, artistic background and years of research, Angela is in an ideal position to give insights into Germany’s fascinating and on-going efforts to find artistic forms for the remembrance of the victims of one of history’s darkest periods. This monument honors the dead of Panzerjäger Abteilung 38 of the 2nd Panzer Division, near the former Ledward Barracks in Schweinfurt. Click here for more information WW2 Memorials in Germany December 14th Singe We Yule  Sarah Deere-Jones Using illustrations from illuminated manuscripts, readings from literature and contemporary accounts, and the haunting songs and lively dance tunes of medieval England, Sarah brings alive the spirit of a Medieval Christmas, a time of joy and celebration for some, but hardship and suffering for others. With extracts from literature and manorial household accounts, she pieces together life in a medieval manor house at Yuletide. In addition to her reproduction medieval harps, she adds the plucked psaltery, hurdy-gurdy, hammered dulcimer, and gemshorn to the musical mix, performing carols, music and readings for an atmospheric and musical seasonal celebration. Information on Medieval Christmases  More information on Medieval Christmas traditions Lectures are held on the second Thursday of the month (excluding July and August). The Society arranges outings, specialist Study Days, has sponsored a Young Arts Exhibition and compiled and launched a Church Trail.  Page designed, created and maintained by Janet Groome Handshake Computer Training
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